YouTube Impressions

I was watching some friends explore funny videos on YouTube the other day when they landed on that awful “Where’s the Chapstick” video. Honestly, this thing makes my brain cells die, but there’s something to be said about the girl’s love for Chapstick. In no way did the brand have anything to do with the video and I’m sure they wouldn’t ever want to pay for such a thing, but it went viral. It was customer loyalty at its finest. She’s so concerned about her missing Chapstick that she sings a song. There are tons of other brands that can land this great achievement. All it takes is a good reputation.

There’s also a reverse side to this. Walmart is always being picked on for something, so you can imagine the amount of negative videos that have accumulated over the years. The one I chose is of two teens playing pranks that would make employees and serious customers cringe. Imagine standing in the housewares aisle when a boy passes you on a bicycle. Though entertaining, it makes Walmart look like a joke.

Stuff like this happens all over social channels, which is why we now have tools like Social Mention that track brand names or topics in real-time. Consumers are always talking. It’s easy to type away on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, but when someone takes the time to make a good video about you, that’s impressive.

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