What Makes a Great Facebook Ad?

Facebook ads are often a source of debate. Some say they’re not very effective, and with an average click through rate of 0.028% compared to Google Adword’s average of 2%, it’s really no wonder. There’s another side to this, however. These ads see a 39% “Like” rate. That’s 39% engagement with the brand. While Facebook ads may sometimes see a stigma, there is a payoff.

So what makes a great Facebook ad? Let’s look at a few.

The pink flowers here are eye catching for fast approaching Valentines day. The content goes nicely with the picture and states its intentions from the start. I also appreciated the use of two call to action words: “order” and “call.”

I read that pictures of women are an effective strategy for Facebook ads, but I’d argue that the picture and the title here have absolutely nothing to do with AT&T, and at that point, who wants to dig into the small text to find out?

I think this is a much better attempt on AT&T’s part. The picture is interesting with the graphic popping out of the phone and the title actually uses the word smartphone- which is what they’re advertising. Good save AT&T.

I like Special K’s overall Facebook marketing efforts. They make the ad personable to the female reader by introducing our new friend, Tracey in a bright, upbeat picture. We can follow her story and watch her videos as she takes the Special K challenge, which will hopefully push other females to do the same. Plus, Tracey is an ordinary woman with a confident smile- something all women can relate to.


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