What Happens When You Let Your Site Go

What I’m about to show you is entirely real. I discovered this company on Yahoo Finance, as in, you can get stock shares from them for 20 cents a pop. If you’re not into this whole internet thing, maybe you’ll buy a few.

Presenting the website of Rosewind Sail and Dive, last modified December 23, 2007:

I know I talk about simplicity a lot, but this is not what I mean. You need some kind of navigation bar. Oh wait, here it is. At the bottom of the page:

So what surprises are waiting for me on mystery “page one”?:

Oh, it’s a brochure. I get it. What does it say? This font is way too small to comfortably read. Let’s find out:

Well, never mind that.

People will see whatever you put on the internet, even if you put it up 5 years ago. What’s wrong here is humorously obvious, but if you’re asking yourself when the last time you updated your own website was, you’re¬†dangerously¬†close to this. Like clothing and hair, styles change on the web too. You need to keep up to stay alive.

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