What Happens When You Let Your Site Go

What I’m about to show you is entirely real. I discovered this company on Yahoo Finance, as in, you can get stock shares from them for 20 cents a pop. If you’re not into this whole internet thing, maybe you’ll buy a few.

Presenting the website of Rosewind Sail and Dive, last modified December 23, 2007:

I know I talk about simplicity a lot, but this is not what I mean. You need some kind of navigation bar. Oh wait, here it is. At the bottom of the page:

So what surprises are waiting for me on mystery “page one”?:

Oh, it’s a brochure. I get it. What does it say? This font is way too small to comfortably read. Let’s find out:

Well, never mind that.

People will see whatever you put on the internet, even if you put it up 5 years ago. What’s wrong here is humorously obvious, but if you’re asking yourself when the last time you updated your own website was, you’re dangerously close to this. Like clothing and hair, styles change on the web too. You need to keep up to stay alive.

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