Waterproof Phones Making Waves in the Market

It’s so hard to push people in the pool these days. With everyone’s phone in his or her pocket, this once fun activity has become a $300 ordeal. Clearly there is a need for water repellent mobile phones. Pools may be the least of a phone’s woes, though spills, rain and accidental drops in the toilet create a good excuse for companies seeking water repellent technology.

Since last week, word has spread that Nokia is planning on embedding the technology into its future smartphones. Some say that includes the Lumia and PureView devices, while others are saying the wait may last longer than their current models. Apple and Samsung are also looking into something similar, working with HzO to build “WaterBlock” into its new phones. Though one of these companies may be the first to put a waterproof phone on the US market, the dust and waterproof Panasonic Eluga is already being sold in European countries. The phone’s waterproof capabilities leave some left to desire, as it’s not quickly responsive after a dip in water, but it’s surely a first step.

In the video below, Dr. Bower at Nokia Labs shows exactly how this technology will work on their phones.

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