Using Giveaways to Get the Information You Want

Giveaways are fun for everyone. You offer something for free, people become enamored with the prospect of winning that free thing, and you get something in return. If your budget is low, you can offer a few of your products. If your budget is high, you can offer a lot of your products or money. In the following examples, I’ll show you what some companies did, and exactly how they tailored their giveaway to get just what they need from the deal.

1. Jose Ole- Coolest Mom Party Challenge

jose ole

Jose Ole sells various Mexican food products. In this sweepstakes, they gave $5,000 for one lucky mom to throw a “perfect party.” As you can see, they ask for an extensive amount of information, which is fine considering the sum of money they’re giving away. I like that they made the contest playful, asking moms to describe their perfect product.

2. Max & Chloe- Shopping Spree

max and chloe

max and chloe 2

In this giveaway, fashion retailer Max & Chloe asks for less information than Jose Ole. What I love about this though, is that they ask for friend’s emails, stating that the person will have an extra chance to win per each entered email. From one entrant, the retailer can obtain up to 6 email addresses. That’s a lot of leads.

3. Forest and Culver and Purse Pixie- Purse Giveaway


Handbag aficionado website, Purse Pixie, is offering contestants a chance to win this Forest and Culver handbag to celebrate the company’s launch. I was particularly interested in this giveaway since Forest and Culver is a new company. Both Purse Pixie and Forest and Culver asked contestants to like their Facebook pages and leave a comment on the giveaway blog post stating which Forest and Culver products they like most along with their email address. I particularly like that they ask entrants to like their Facebook page. Anything that can accomplish two goals at once is great in my eyes.

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