Twitter Launches Brand Pages

Following the launch of Google+ business pages and Facebook Timeline, Twitter is following up with their new Brand Pages in a campaign called “Let’s Fly.”

For the first time in Twitter history, brands have a way to differentiate from regular users with a unique layout that gives way to campaigns that are arguably better than those on Facebook or Google+. The large header image allows brands to display their logo, tagline and other images all in one place instead of being limited to individual pictures.  Important posts can also be tacked to the top of the feed instead of getting left behind under the bulk of posts that continue throughout the day. Finally, photos and video are auto-expanded right onto the feed for instant access.

We hear this all the time, but content is even more important than it was before. The new “Discover” page posts the most relevant content to the user based on location, interests and trends. Brands not only have the opportunity to promote on their own page, but also to show up in this new feed.

Not all brands have been able to switch over, but here some examples of a few that did.

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