The Most Engaging Social Network is Facebook, Right?

There’s a social network for just about everything. Of course there are the standards- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn. But if you do a search for ‘social networks’ you’ll find lists that go into the hundreds, and on those lists you will find a site called Tagged. It will be placed further down, but it will quietly boast its title as the most engaging social network.

According to a recent study by ComScore, Tagged was rated second most engaging social network in two categories. In average visits, it came second to Facebook and in average time spent per visit, it came second to Tumblr. As the only network to reach number two in both metrics in the engagement category, Tagged was able to snag the overall number one spot.

Curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to sign up and see what’s so engaging about this barely known social network. Upon making my profile, it suggested new friends for me and at times the element of ‘new friends’ felt more like a dating site than a true social network, though this is the unique proposition that Tagged offers to it’s users. They called it ‘social discovery,’ and it’s the tool they use to differentiate the site from social networks like Facebook. Instead of connecting with people you know outside of your social network, Tagged allows users to initiate new online friendships.

Moving away from the main page, I started to play some games. One game, called Farm, was an imitation of Facebook’s Farmville, only with a nicer interface.


Harvesting certain crops on your farm can take up to 24 hours, so in the meantime, you can work on other user’s farms. The picture below shows the page where you can select a user to help. This is where the social aspect came into play, though some of the users shown here don’t seem like people I’d want to know. This is common on the site.

farmville 2

Tagged has tons of games to choose from, which is how they snagged the top spot in engagement. In my time on the site, I enjoyed a few games and even considered going back for more (I do have a farm I need to tend to). And a last point about Tagged, it’s been profitable since 2008.

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