The Digital Elections- Internet Ads Over Postage

Let’s pretend you’re running for president (don’t let it go to your head). Your goal, ideally, is to capture every last American over the age of 18. You can do the television ad, have supporters put up lawn signs or those bumper stickers that last well beyond campaign time, or send pamphlets through the, wait for it, mail. Yes, mail. Put it all together and good job, you’ve successfully captured the older half of your audience.

So, this is a huge exaggeration. Any candidate who does only this today might as well save their money for a nice beach-side vacation. Visit Twitter and you can see that each 2012 candidate has their own page with over 1,000 tweets, save for Mitt Romney. President Obama in particular has spent 2 million dollars on internet advertising- about as much as he spent on postage. In doing this, he’s able to reach both halves of his audience.

The money he spends is apparent when you look at his campaign website or the display ads you’ll catch from time to time. He’s also social media savvy and uses various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr, and Flickr. His campaign is engaging and features pictures and video of events, recipes and this really cool marshmallow video. Kinda makes you wonder what 2016 will be like.


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