The Art of Paid Search

If I told you that paid search is an art, you’d probably laugh at me. In truth, there is somewhat of an art to it. Not one you’d hang up on the fridge, but one that will produce results.

Paid search ads are comprised of basically one thing- words. Unless you’ve managed to get enough high reviews (the minimum is 30) for a seller rating to appear, words are your main concern. To show you what I mean, I did a Google search for “wireless Bluetooth headsets.”


“Wireless Bluetooth headsets” is what you’d call a longer tail term. It’s more specific than say, “Bluetooth” or even “Bluetooth headset.” This thing has to be wireless, or the deal is off. Though Target’s ad (7) is the best match for my search, longer tail terms are usually best for companies on a low budget. Generic terms are typically more expensive due to their popularity. By using more specific keywords for your campaign, you can capture a decisive niche audience while saving money.

Next, your copy should be relevant to the keywords you choose to rank for, which is why Newegg (3) and Verizon (5) are highlighted in red. Newegg advertises Linksys, a brand that sells routers and other office networking products. As for Verizon, if I’m asking for Bluetooth, it’s likely I already have a phone.

Call to action is an important and necessary part of paid search content. If you look over the ads in the picture, you’ll notice words like “buy,” “read” and “shop.” Whatever action you want the reader to take, push them to do so in the ad. I’m also a fan of the use of prices. N1 Wireless (8) highlights their low prices (though a “genuine Bluetooth” sounds sketchy). In addition, Amazon (6) and Cell Phone Shop (2) mention free shipping on qualified orders.

Finally, don’t think of your paid search ads as separate from your promotions. Bose (1) writes “You move. It adapts.” Though there’s no call to action, the slogan is recognizable and consistent with their campaign for the Series 2 headset. If you have an established campaign, try to incorporate it into the ad.

If you didn’t believe me before, hopefully you can see why paid search content is an art. Just like any ad campaign, if you do it right, consumers will click. And don’t feel pressure. If you do it wrong, just fix it and try again. That’s the beauty of paid search!

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