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Showrooms Hindering Marketeers

Are consumers taking advantage of what marketeers are offering at stores? Are showrooms hindering or helping sales? Statistics show that 60% of consumers go to retail stores to physically interact with the products in the showroom and then go online … Continue reading

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Using Giveaways to Get the Information You Want

Giveaways are fun for everyone. You offer something for free, people become enamored with the prospect of winning that free thing, and you get something in return. If your budget is low, you can offer a few of your products. … Continue reading

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Luxury Check Out

Crain’s New York Business does a feature called 40 Under Forty in which they discuss successful professionals who are, wait for it, under forty. I used Shirley Cook’s bio as inspiration for this post on Proenza Schouler. I have an … Continue reading

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