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Busy Day? Just Shop on the Subway

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about QR Codes and how they’re an overhyped marketing tool that consumers aren’t catching on to. A few months later, I learned about Tesco’s virtual grocery store and reconsidered a bit. Sometimes things … Continue reading

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The Art of Friendly Grocery Lists

User-friendly is one of those terms that gets thrown around a lot. It’s obvious we wouldn’t want a site to be user-mean, so I looked at four online grocery sites to give you some examples of “friendly.” Grocers are often … Continue reading

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Less Read, More Click

I see email newsletters like a school of fish vying to pick at a morsel of food floating in the ocean. Yes, people may say they’re interested in reading your newsletter, but once you’ve been placed in the inbox, you’re … Continue reading

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The Face Behind E-Commerce

It’s almost a new year, and while we’re working our way there, maybe its time to reconsider the e-commerce approach. For years, online sales has been the epitome of person-less transactions- and we’ve wanted it that way. Social networks and … Continue reading

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