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How to Make Your Small Business Look Big

Small business naturally have a limited amount of resources. This causes them to often work from project to project rather than look at the objective of their business as a whole. When you start out small, you need to maximize … Continue reading

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Tips and Techniques for Company Blogging

If there’s one thing that’s become more important to companies on the Internet since the Google Penguin update, it’s blogging. Since the update, unique, interesting content has become the focus for sites all over the web. As mentioned in my … Continue reading

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What Makes a Great Facebook Ad?

Facebook ads are often a source of debate. Some say they’re not very effective, and with an average click through rate of 0.028% compared to Google Adword’s average of 2%, it’s really no wonder. There’s another side to this, however. … Continue reading

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Microsoft Gets Serious With Tablets

Microsoft has a history of monkey-see, monkey-do. At first they followed Netscape and today it’s Apple and practically every other company in the tablet market. There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the new Windows 8 tablet, saying that maybe … Continue reading

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