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Effective-ly Email-ed

Here’s the short list of tricks to effective emails.  They take time to write, are personal, engaging and effective.  These are the emails you want to send, because the emails that will be opened.  Otherwise you’re voice may wind us … Continue reading

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Using Giveaways to Get the Information You Want

Giveaways are fun for everyone. You offer something for free, people become enamored with the prospect of winning that free thing, and you get something in return. If your budget is low, you can offer a few of your products. … Continue reading

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5 Tips For Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails

Over half of all e-commerce shopping carts are abandoned before completing a purchase. It’s as if something snaps in a customer at the last minute. It could be that they decided the shipping costs were too high, they found a … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Drugs

Selling drugs is hard. The pharmaceutical industry is so regulated that even the slightest word can be grounds for trouble with the FDA. It’s a tough life for these companies, at least when it comes to marketing. They’re still making … Continue reading

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