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Happy 25th Birthday to Nike Slogan — “Just Do It”

It was July 25 years ago when Nike released their “Just Do It” slogan by Wieden + Kennedy. Great taglines like “Think Different” by Apple and “Drivers Wanted” by Volkswagon have made the brands what they are today and Nike … Continue reading

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A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar.

No, this isn’t a post in tribute to Dashboard Confessional. This is a post to emphasize the purpose and necessity of a strong mission statement and tagline to market you and your company. It’s important to understand the impact these … Continue reading

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Stumped? Time to get creative.

During my weekly scan of blogs and articles, I came across a great one on entrueprenuer.com called Starting a Creativity Consultant Business.  The article is clear, interesting, and worth a read…check it out here. The article not only reminded me of … Continue reading

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3D Maps Will No Longer Be a Wave of the Future for Apple Users

There was a time when I was virtually obsessed with the Sims. You could control someone’s life by looking down on their world like you were some kind of God. I was reminded of that feeling today when I looked … Continue reading

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