Spotify Announces New Ad Deals

After several years of piracy plaguing the music industry, it’s no wonder everyone’s eyes are on Spotify and as any great new company should, they work hard to keep that buzz going. This was especially the case yesterday, when they announced ad deals with big guns like Coca Cola, Reebok, McDonalds, Intel and AT&T. Not only will their ads be displayed, the companies will also create brand apps that embed into Spotify’s desktop.

If you’ve never used Spotify before, apps allow companies to add unique features to the platform. Presently, most apps are run by labels or magazines like Pitchfork, that offer reviews and artist features. In the future, AT&T plans to create an app that tags locations where popular songs have been recorded.

Though Spotify is yet to see a profit, the new ad deals may have what it takes to push them out of the red. Sit tight, this buzz won’t end soon.

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