SEO Small Steps

Sometimes what you see on the outside is a lot nicer than what’s on the inside. It also works in reverse, depending on the person, or web page. Yes, underneath every page is its innards. Those bits of coding that allow you to sneak in some more keywords for SEO purposes.

I compared two cosmetics websites, one that has poor search engine rankings, NARS cosmetics and one with great rankings, Sephora. Remember that source code is only a small bit of what makes up a successful SEO campaign, but it’s crucial nonetheless.

These are the three things we need to be concerned with and what both sites input for each:

1. Title

<title>Sephora: Beauty, Skin Care, Makeup, Hair, & Fragrance</title>




In case you were wondering what NARS sells, you should keep wondering. What you write in the title will show on the search result in the clickable area. Already, Sephora has used 5 keywords/phrases over NARS.

2. Description

“description” content=””

sephora 2

“description” content=”Buy The Latest NARS Cosmetic Collection Here & Express Yourself. NARS Cosmetics official site with the largest NARS Makeup Collection.”

nars 2

The description is used as a summary of the page for search engines. Seeing as Sephora’s description is blank, NARS clearly shines here. These snippets of text are recognizable during a search, so if similar keywords are used in the search, they will be bolded. The description is shown as the smaller black text under the link. Sephora’s description is being pulled from another source. When Google cannot find something to pull, the description shows blank.

3. Keywords

“keywords” content=”beauty, cosmetics, skin care, makeup, fragrance, perfume, hair, makeup tips, cosmetics, wrinkles, aging, Sephora collection, shopping, gift sets, concealer, rewards, products, bare Escentuals, stila, make up forever, nars, Clinique, benefit, dior, tarte, urban decay, bliss, Clarisonic, clarins, fresh, lancome, laura merceir, kate Somerville, philosophy, perricone, murad, Smashbox, taylor swift, justin beiber, marc Jacobs, yves saint Laurent, josie maran, boscia, sephora holiday, sephora christmas, sephora holiday products

“keywords” content=”NARS, NARS Cosmetics, NARS Makeup

Here’s an example of polar opposites. One can argue that Sephora has too many keywords for their page, though they are all relevant and most certainly useful. It’s also notable that these keywords are appropriate considering this is their homepage. NARS; however, keeps it short and sweet, but way too modest. The issue with NARS is that they haven’t gone outside of themselves with any of their source code, leaving them unsearchable amongst unbranded keywords. NARS would benefit from Sephora’s keyword enthusiasm.

Your search result is a mini profile. Check your titles and descriptions to ensure you’re happy with what people are seeing. Check your keywords and make sure they’re relevant, but not too relevant! Think outside of yourself. Keywords are what your searcher is thinking- and they’re not always thinking of you.

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