Quality is Greater than Quantity

My dog is constantly chasing her tail and I hear that most dogs do this type of thing. Not that they’re stupid, its just “dog” nature. It’s really nice having a goal even when the end result may be a painful bite on the end of the tail.

To some degree, I think we do this in business too. We don’t have tails, true, but we have goals that we sometimes don’t understand. In marketing, we’re always looking for the biggest and best results. If we have more site visitors, we’ll get more revenue. If the most traffic is coming from organic search, we should focus on it more. The problem is, there’s more of a focus on quantity than quality. You have more visitors and maybe even more purchases but if you end there, you’re biting yourself in the tail.

You’ve failed to consider engagement. Are these visitors repeating purchases, are they interacting with your chat function, did they sign up to a newsletter? These are things that determine engagement. Aside from an increase in visitors, set goals for what you’d like these visitors to do once they’re on the site. If you’re an e-commerce site, maybe this means requesting a quote. If you’re writing a blog, it could be signing up to receive exclusive content. It’s up to you to determine what your engagement metrics are and once you’ve done this, assign weights for relevance to each of these. Here’s an example for an e-commerce site:

  1. Sign up to newsletter- 25 points
  2. Request a quote- 50 points
  3. Request a demo- 100 points

For this, four newsletter sign ups amount to one demo request. Ultimately, a demo request is the most important aspect of engagement here. It’s easy for you to do the same too. Changing your approach may break you from the tail chase.

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