Promoted Tweets With or Without the Cost

Promoted Tweet for American Express

If you haven’t noticed yet, Twitter has been making substantial revenue on promoted tweets. This shows that Twitter knows exactly what it’s good for. As a marketing tool, brands communicate with followers much more naturally than they would on Facebook. They can tweet directly to a brand with a question, complaint or compliment and the brand can reciprocate that communication. It’s a practice that has become customary on Twitter. Additionally, consumers are accustomed to looking for deals when they follow a brand. With promoted tweets, a brand’s deals are featured at the top of a relevant Twitter search, follower’s home timelines, and at the top of the brand’s own timeline. When first launched, advertisers raved about the program’s effectiveness. Virgin America reported that on the first day of launching a promoted tweet, it recorded its fifth-highest sales day in the airline’s history. A brand like Virgin America has a large pocket for something like this- which can run $120K per day. So what can you do to keep your Twitter account spend-free?

Best Buy has a page that is exclusively for deals. This is nice because it cuts out clutter. Brands make separate pages for several reasons. Take Dell for example. I’m pretty sure they have a page for everything. By doing this, your customer is free to decide what they want and don’t want. If you’re the type of company that frequently offers deals, this is a good option for you.

Another way to promote a deal for free is to create a regular tweet with the deal. This is best for something that lasts for a short time. In this case, Macy’s deal ends on April 30. They’ll only post this a few more times and it will be done. It’s the least effective method considering tweets have a limited life on a follower’s timeline, but hey, it’s free.



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