Perfect Timing

Anyone who’s ever sent out an email campaign has thought to themselves “will people read it if I send it at this time?” Of course most companies have their own logic as to how timing should go, but there are many, maybe more, who haven’t gotten it quite right.

A study by KISSMetrics broke up the day based on how receptive consumers would be of emails. From the start, I can tell you there is a bias because the assumptions are centered around the 9-5 work day, which leaves out the activities of the blue-collar world amongst others. Nonetheless, here are some of the findings:

science-of-social-timing-part-2 (1)

To summarize, these are the four times to send email:

  • 6AM-10AM “Consumer AM” for offers on clothes, restaurants, live events, and consumer goods
  • 3PM-5PM “A Life-Changing Afternoon” for property and financial service offers
  • 5PM-7PM “Working Late” for holiday and B2B promotions
  • 7PM-10PM “Last Orders” for clothing and special interest promotions

I receive a lot of consumer promotions, so most of my emails come in the morning. I’m not alone in this either, because the highest bounce rate and degrees of abuse occur during this AM period.

The one I don’t see much is the 7PM-10PM emails, which I think is a great concept. I know the theory that if you send something out at the beginning of the day, it will be in their head all day (especially if its a one-day promotion), but for many, after work is the best time to relax with a laptop and make a purchase. Just make sure it’s not a weekend.


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