Don’t Forget About Second Screen Superbowl

As Superbowl XLVIII is approaching this weekend, everyone will gather in clusters of family and friends to watch the big game and advertisers who got commercial slots are ready to display their million dollar ads. However, those who don’t have the financial backup to join in don’t have to worry about missing out.

There are some who sit during the entirely of the game and watch all of the commercials but most are more practical than that. There are bathroom breaks, food breaks and alcohol breaks where people get up and what most people don’t leave behind is their cell phone. In this age, almost everyone has a smartphone; even those who haven’t even reached their teenage years. With the need to constantly socialize, smartphones bring everyone together through social media and texting. Because of this, advertising on social media is the most affective form of advertising.

Commercials may only have a mere 30 seconds for an ad campaign, but there are always links as well as hashtags and handles that are presented at the end to keep their viewer’s interest and stay connected with them after the commercial has passed. You don’t need to have a million dollar commercial to do this. Place your ads straight to social media and you may even be ahead of those who invested millions in commercials. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter now all have integrated ads in users feeds, which makes marketers’ lives easier.

There are commercials that can be missed, but if your ad is placed in a social media feed, it is less likely to be. People are constantly scrolling through their feed, reading all of their friend’s statuses or looking at their pictures and videos. The integration is great, because your ad is camouflaged with all of the other content. People will see your image or video or read your status before even realizing that it’s an ad. From there, they can decide whether or not to follow the link provided but you have already taken that first step. This introduction is more likely to receive feedback because your information is already presented to your viewer and they have already taken it in.

Take advantage of these opportunities as people are always constantly checking their phones. They might even be checking their phone while sitting in front of the television instead of watching the commercials. Some even update their statuses with play-by-plays or complain or cheer during the game. A smartphone is the second screen of the Superbowl and you need to take advantage of these marketing opportunities to reach out to your audience.

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Budweiser Warms Our Hearts with “Puppy Love” Superbowl Commercial

Budweiser does it again with its extraordinary marketing tactics. From one of their strongest and most-loved ads in awhile, Budweiser reprised the Clydesdale and its beloved trainer, from last year’s “Brotherhood” ad in yet another heartwarming Superbowl commercial. This commercial follows the previous ad’s baby animal theme and features a 10-week old puppy who keeps escaping an adoption center to befriend the Clydesdales at a nearby farm although the trainer continues to return the pup.

From the puppy’s persistent visits to the Clydesdales trapping a car when someone tried to adopt the pup to the reunion of the puppy and Clydesdale in the end, everything about this ad melts your heart. The multi-layered story with parallel signs of love add to the touching story as the woman from the adoption center played by Melissa Keller is also united with Don Jeanes, who plays the trainer, in the end as well. The two constantly meet due to the circumstances and give way to Budweiser’s emotional ties to the feeling of love as well as the strong friendship between the puppy and Clydesdale.

To make these commercial even more sentimental, strong music choices are anchored for both last year’s ad and this sequel. Last year, Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” touched the audience’s hearts and this year, Passenger’s “Let Her Go” does the same. With the connections of love and deep friendship of “best buds,” Budweiser did a great job of tying their brand to emotional connections that bring their audience closer.

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Ravijour Bra Only Unhooks for “True Love”

Bras are made for boob support, but can they also help women with moral support as well? Rajivour, a Japanese lingerie company, created an innovative bra that only unhooks for “true love” to “save women” from being taken advantage of by men.

The product designer explained, “a built-in sensor reads the woman’s heart-rate signal and sends it to a special smartphone app via Bluetooth for analysis. The app then calculates the ‘True Love Rate’ based on the changes in the heart rate over time. When the ‘True Love Rate’ exceeds a certain value, the bra is unhooked automatically.”

Women won’t need to worry about the bra chip won’t be triggered by simply breaking a sweat through running. It is able to differentiate a rise in heart beat through exercise and romantic enthusiasm. The chip measures the heart rate through the adrenal mudella, which secretes catechlomine and affects the automatic nerve to increase the heart rate.

Men can’t flaunt their money or forcibly try to open this bra as it isn’t physically possible. Similarly, women who are unsure if they really love a man won’t have to worry about their indecisiveness as well. Say no more to women constantly wondering, “Do I really love him?” or men taking advantage of women. The Ravijour bra is here to make sure you are truly in love.

Surprisingly, the technical director and product designer of this innovative product are two men who call themselves “Rhizomatiks.” With their interest in prostethic knowledge, information that is unknown but can be accessed through technology, women can now feel safer when it comes to their indecisiveness and love. Check out the video below!

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Viral Video Lessons For Superbowl Ads

Superbowl ads have been increasing in price drastically each year. With the hefty price each company is paying to grasp a 30 second ad, going viral through your digital campaign to make the decision worthwhile is your highest priority. Looking back on the winning strategies in the past years and analyzing what makes them successful will improve your marketing chances greatly.

Longer commercials are making their way through this generation so you can tell more of your story. The average length of top 10 ads in the past few years have been increasing. In 2013, brands such as ChipotleWestJet, and Dove each ran commercials that were over three minutes and each have generated between 470,000 and 4.24 million online shares. Your audience is willing to sit and watch a longer commercial, giving you more of an advantage. During the Superbowl, you have the ability to tell more in your ads to such a large audience size and it’s important to take advantage of that. Everyone knows Superbowl ads are the most expensive ads of the year and expect to be either entertained or moved with the money you are investing. Give your audience what they want and make sure it’s memorable.

Tease the people and they’ll keep coming back for more. Teasers are so easy to spread through social media as it is quick and grasps your audience’s attention easily. Last year, seven commercial ads were supported by teasers released previously. Dior posted teasers exclusively on Twitter and other social media networks over the course of a day. The hashtag, like and share activity helped generate buzz about their upcoming product line. This year, HBO’s hit series Girls used social media to their advantage as well. With their constant teaser tweets, Instagram posts and even Snapchats, they pumped up their audience base and was able to reach an all-time high viewership at 1.1 million for the season 3 premiere episode.

It’s not just the money that buys the Superbowl ads that makes them successful. Yes, it gives them the first few steps to make it out there for the audience to see, but there is still competition. Use your efforts to expand and grow digitally through social media and make a long, meaningful ad to remain memorable. Whether it is through going viral on the internet or making your audience laugh until they cry, the Superbowl ads are the highlight of commercialism that your audience is willing to take it all in. Give them the best of what you have and put forth efforts to constantly market it and you will gain success.

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