On the Way to the App Store

I often debate the necessity of a creating mobile app over a mobile site. I think the biggest drawing point to a mobile app is that it serves as a 24/7 ad once the user downloads it to their phone. But getting to that point can be difficult, depending on the industry.¬†Obviously we can argue that it’s the difference between customer loyalty and one time shopping. Having someone download your mobile app is confirmation that you have an enthusiast.

I’m picking on Delta because they have a fully optimized mobile app and site, which makes it easy to compare the effectiveness between the two. The most intriguing thing I found, was that Delta’s offerings are unequal. The difference makes me wonder why anyone would bother downloading the app.


Delta- Mobile Application

Delta- Mobile Website

The huge difference in options here is that the mobile site allows you to book a flight, find deals and make you dinner, while the app is basically tracks flights. If the site does everything the app does plus more, I’m not sure why it would be worthwhile to get the app- save for the difference in speed and usability (which is significant). I guess what I’m saying here is to stick to one and do it well. If you want to create an app, let your mobile site be a teaser that drives the user to download your mapp-sterpiece (okay, that was corny). Give them just enough information they need, but no more than the app would, otherwise there would be no unique proposition to downloading the app.


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