Nice Guy SEO Techniques

Honest SEO tactics often take place before they reach the web. It’s true that the internet is an infinite abyss of websites from everywhere in the world, but it is possible for your local connections to translate in a big way on search engines. Like the link building that is so crucial in SEO, your business network builds links both offline and online. Here four ways to boost your offline presence:

  1. Get Involved in the Community- Getting involved doesn’t always have to mean charity work, although that is also a powerful way to make connections. Another way to get involved is to offer help to businesses who are in need of it. Identify a few start-ups or struggling businesses that you can offer services to. Remember this is considered community involvement and you won’t be getting paid, so it doesn’t need to be something major. Just something that will be appreciated and get you recommendations in the long run.
  2. Leverage Referrals- Be the ‘hub’ of your connections. If you can’t offer a service to someone, refer that person to one who can. Referrals will benefit later when someone remembers your actions and sends a customer your way.
  3. Specialize – I was once told that it’s better to be the person who does one thing than the person who does everything. If someone needs your services, they’ll remember you as the person with that “specialty” and choose you over the people who do everything. A specialty is what makes you unique, and if we’re talking SEO, it makes you searchable.  Stick to your specialty and make sure it’s something you love because you may be known as the “specialty” guy for a long time.
  4. Offer a Helping Hand- A helping hand is different than offering community services. A helping hand is as simple as changing a light bulb for your supplier if you hear he needs it changed. See what your business associates are talking about on social media. Maybe someone is having a bad day? Cheer them up!

Search engines work much like our real lives. When you make connections, you build credibility and propel the success of your business. Eventually this credibility transfers onto the web when people mention your kind actions on social media or write recommendations for your business. It’s hard to be successful on the web without support from the outside.

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