Mobile Site Review: Go Hotwire!

I fed into my subconscious desire to travel today and decided to discuss Hotwire’s mobile site. It’s great site to review considering there are so many examples of what to do. The first being the effortless redirect of the site from PC address, to mobile,, which led me to this gem:


I like this for several reasons. The icons are large and yet they manage to fit onto one screen without having to scroll. Second, they get selective. I don’t read up on Hotwire’s financial statements, but from looking at this I could guess that hotels and car rental are their most lucrative services, which is why they left out flights and cruises (see PC site). Finally, they have a feedback link at the bottom. The formula for mobile sites is yet to be discovered, so it’s pretty flattering that they want us to contribute to the quest.

I clicked through to find a hotel. The form was just as clean as the homepage and the calendar is large enough for me to click the correct dates without any mistakes.

hotwire 2

Moving forward into my ‘hotel purchase,’ the only issue I found was the area map they had provided. Being that Hotwire hotels are unknown until after the purchase, I like to drill into the map so I can see as far as the streets. Not here. What you see is what you get. I guess this isn’t a problem if you’re more daring than me, but I would appreciate a little zooming. Good thing they have that feedback button.

hotwire map

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