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The Pinterest buzz has been mounting in the past few weeks and of course, I’d like us to have a little piece of that pie too. In traditional Van West Media blog style, I’m going to use a few examples of businesses that are using Pinterest to extend their social media existence a la pictures. I took a specific look at service industries because it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that no tangible product means no pictures. So here are some service businesses that are getting the right idea.

1. Dr. Mehmet Oz- Okay seriously, I did this first for shock value, but indeed Dr. Oz offers the service of healthcare. So how should any doctor use Pinterest to establish expertise?

Lifestyle recommendations. What to eat, what to wear, how to get it shape, where and when to do it. The idea is, when being healthy looks attractive, people will do it.

2. CPI Training- CPI, or the Crisis Prevention Institute focuses on educating professionals to create safe and empowering workplaces through behavior management training. That sounds like heavy stuff, no? Isn’t Pinterest about pretty pictures?

Not always. In this board, they use pictures that link to articles related to bullying, workplace and domestic violence. Again, the idea is to let the pictures, not the headlines, draw users to educate themselves on the topics that matter most to the organization.

3. GlobalGiving Foundation- GlobalGiving is a charity fundraising website that helps social entrepreneurs and nonprofits worldwide raise the necessary funds to impact and improve their communities. In their own words, they’re a marketplace of good. But how does this translate into pictures?

GlobalGiving utilizes their boards to match up with a broader theme of “earth changing ideas.” Each board centers around different subjects or topics that can be earth changing in order to inspire viewers to make a positive impact on the world around them.

What we can learn from these three examples, is that Pinterest can reinforce your brand through the simplicity of pictures. Ask yourself what your brand is truly made of, and once you find an answer, start Pinning.

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