Less Read, More Click

I see email newsletters like a school of fish vying to pick at a morsel of food floating in the ocean. Yes, people may say they’re interested in reading your newsletter, but once you’ve been placed in the inbox, you’re a fish, like all the other fish.

So how do you push through all those other emails to get a snag of the consumer? A little know-how, and a lot of practice. This is especially true of the subject line, which takes much experimentation to get right. How do you persuade someone to open the email?

In the Barnes & Noble email I’m looking at today, the subject line is “The Best For Less: Big Savings on Award Winning Selections.” Kind of reads like a newspaper headline, doesn’t it? That’s the idea. Entice the reader to know more. A Barnes and Nobel reader may be thinking, “I’ve been looking for a great book lately, what selections does Barnes and Noble suggest?” Or at least that’s what they want the consumer ¬†to think.

So the curious reader in me clicked on the email and went inside to explore some calls to action and tons of links. This is a good thing, especially as an e-commerce site, readers should be brought to landing pages where they can learn more about a product or make a purchase.

In this one picture, there are about 15 links to 15 different landing pages. It’s as if the newsletter is the diving board and the links are the springs that get you to jump off. Take the link for “A Ball for Daisy.” You decide you’re interested, click the link, and:

you can add it to your bag (and shop for more) or cut the nonsense and just buy now. Therein lies to beauty of e-commerce newsletters. And there’s even more you can do from there.

Now I mentioned the subject line in the beginning, but coupons are also a great way to ensure reoccurring opens. When browsing the inbox, the consumer who remembers your coupons will more strongly considering opening the email. Finally, the invitation to your social media party and store (if you have one). Here you can offer even more coupons, run campaigns, and put on your pretty face.

The moral of the story? Don’t forget the clicks. Oh and, make them want to click.


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