Kellogg’s Website Review

Welcome to the first of an ongoing series of website reviews. Today we’re looking at Kellogg’s site. Let’s see how they did.

One of many slides on the homepage.

At first I loved the slideshow on the homepage. The images are rich and relevant and the site loaded fast. Only problem, the slideshow moves a bit fast and continued to move as I navigated through the drop down menus. I appreciate slideshows, but not to this extent. It goes well with the overall design of the page, which depicts a casual sunny day, but it’s as if they took a photo-shoot and couldn’t decide which pictures to use, so they used them all. Even the category overview pages feature individual slideshows- it’s too much.

Well organized categories and tons of deals.

The site is booming with content that is easy to find. Even if you’re not quite sure what you came there for, the categories are so well broken down that you’ll discover some hidden need for their offerings. Finally, they dedicated an entire section to offers and promotions where you can find coupons and sweepstakes that are exciting for kids. Come to think of it, coupons are exciting for everyone.

One of the many fun contests for kids.

Despite my slideshow issue, I commend Kellogg’s on an attractive, easily navigable and informative site. See for yourself at

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