The Face Behind E-Commerce

It’s almost a new year, and while we’re working our way there, maybe its time to reconsider the e-commerce approach. For years, online sales has been the epitome of person-less transactions- and we’ve wanted it that way.

Social networks and live chat solutions have surely changed e-commerce, but let’s take it a step further. Picture a retail store. You enter, browse for some time and a man with a name tag reading “Todd” approaches you and asks something like “Do you need any help today?” In a live chat, the nametag reads “The Company,” but who’s really speaking with you? Is it Todd?

We’ve now entered a new dimension of online retail. Consumers email inboxes are packed with discounts and deals, they’re tired of the 800 number at the bottom of the screen and they want information from a source they can trust.

Here’s the solution: bring the face of the sales team online.

This is especially important for expensive purchases that begin online and end offline (O2O). A friendly online sales representative can make the difference in getting the consumer to close the deal offline for, let’s say, a new car. They provide them with the right information in a trustworthy manner, and send them on to the next step.

It can be done by embedding rich directories of the sales force onto your website, social media sites, blogs, forums- wherever your consumers go. Here, you can bring out the unique personality and skill set of each sales person so that the prospect can choose the person that best fits there needs. When they are ready to engage, use text chat, real time video or audio. Now the prospect can express his or her concerns to Todd whether he’s standing in the store or sitting by a computer.

If consumers are on your website, they’re already exposed to your brand, but are they exposed to your people?

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