Google’s Taste of the Future

Sebastian Thrun, founder of Google X labs, appeared in an interview with Charlie Rose yesterday to talk about some recent projects. Casually sitting with his augmented reality glasses from R&D initiative, Project Glass, it was clear there was one thing he was ready to mention. What was also clear, was Thrun’s appearance. Of course there was some bulk on the glasses’ side for hardware, but he didn’t look displaced from a sci-fi movie. In fact, none of the models in Project Glass pictures do. Either they’ve done a really great job, or we’re finally living in sci-fi.

First announced earlier this month, the glasses have the capability of doing what a smartphone can do. In fact, Thrun was able to take a picture of Rose and post it on his Google+ page with a few eye movements and head nods. The device can also make phone calls, schedule meetings and send/read emails using voice recognition. Thrun and his team hope to free up the clutter of technology and the hassle of searching for your phone to create a liberating sharing experience.

Thrun mentioned that facial and object recognition are not the device’s “compelling use case,” but this is only the beginning for the team at Project Glass. Marketing implications for technology of this nature seem practically endless. Even if Google isn’t the first to master augmented reality like this, someone else is sure to do so- no matter how long that takes.

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