Give The Ladies Some Information! considers themselves to be “the Internet for women,” and they do a great job at that. Their topics range from pregnancy & parenting, diet & fitness, entertainment, and everything in between. The average visitor is 39 years of age with a household income of $90,000. More than half are married and employed.

Based on these demographics, I commend Olay on a well placed ad campaign. Below is the initial banner I spotted during my iVillage visit.

I find that numbers can be effective in ads like this, especially since women demand a lot from their skin products. Wrinkles are bad, but so are sunburns and dryness and…those four other things that I’m not sure of but probably need. My expectations for the ad link were a well-organized list of the seven magical effects. Remember the iVillage women are educated and employed; they want excessive information about their skin products. Instead, this is what you get:

I appreciate the call to action, but there’s definitely enough room to throw in a list of the effects. Important information should be kept at the top. Instead, it takes a little scrolling down to get to the meaty stuff.

All this build up and I was still disappointed by the list, it could have been laid out nicer. It left me longing for more gold numbers like the one in the banner ad.

What I did appreciate was Olay’s willingness to connect with the customer. There’s no detective work in finding the key ingredients or application instructions. And incase you’re really confused, you can find out which Olay products are right for you. Notice the way they enlarge ‘Olay’ and ‘you’ to create a personal bonding moment between the customer and the brand. It’s all very heartwarming.

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