Feed Video to the Big Bad Penguin

Times are hard. It’s possible Google Penguin knocked your site back to page who-knows-what, or maybe you’re just stuck for ideas that will be interesting enough to garner attention. Instead of relying on your tried and true social media sites to boost traffic, maybe its time for something totally new, like video-making.

At this point you’re violently shaking your head no because you know what happens when you let an amateur put together a professional video. With a site like Animoto, however, all that amateur needs to do is upload some media and text. To show you exactly how amateur I mean, I made my own video in less than 2 minutes and it still came out pretty nice. You can see the implications for business use.

The lack of amateur quality comes from Animoto’s usage of post-production tools that are used by professionals in TV and film. While my free video was only able to run up to 30 seconds, business account videos can go as long as needed. Business users can also choose from any song they want and create unique videos without any mention of Animoto both in or under the video. Below is a video from a company that likely uses a business account.

Great content doesn’t always need a lot of words. Look at Pinterest, they’re doing great with just pictures. If you’re in a rut, it’s time to give video a chance.

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