Extra LinkedIn Frills to Improve Your Company Page

Today I learned that LinkedIn has a LinkedIn (and why wouldn’t they?). I also realized that they have one of the most complete company pages (because they’re LinkedIn), so I decided to use their page to show some of the nice features you can add to your own company page.

I don’t talk about LinkedIn often, but it’s just as important for companies than any other social network. In fact, it’s the only social network I’d encourage every company to be on because it’s a place to find future employees and clients and focus beyond the consumer. Instead of posting contests and having one on one conversations, a LinkedIn company page showcases products and services, career opportunities and simple updates that often link to news articles. Quite simple, quite professional. Here are some of the “extra” things LinkedIn is doing on their page:

1. Banners- I’ve seen LinkedIn pages without banners and it really does make a difference, especially if you don’t have a ton of offerings. They add a pulse to the page and the best part- it’s free.

2. Video- The videos below are to exact size, which may seem quite small, but they add a nice effect. I’ve already told you how easy it is to make videos, so there’s little reason to avoid this feature. Videos give you an interactive chance to reveal more about your company’s culture and products/services on a limited social network.

3. Inside information- Okay, it’s not really that inside, but how many people get to hear what employees are saying about a company before they meet a single employee? And how often are things like benefits and perks spelled out so nicely? The company also lists 31 products and services, which I think is a bit much, even though they are LinkedIn. Think of your page as an exclusive club. People who come in get a little more than anyone else.


4. Recommendations- I’m guessing if I added the amount of recommendations LinkedIn has throughout its entire page, it would total around 3,000. Again, you don’t need nearly as many. If you’re getting 2 per product listing, you’re doing great. Recommendations are very helpful when someone is questioning how well you perform the service you speak of.

These frills are nice for your page, but don’t forget the basics too. Make sure to update your page with employment opportunities, statuses and product/service offerings. Ask your employees to update their job information and encourage them to become active on the network. If you haven’t yet created a company page, you can start here.

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