Engage Your Fans First, No Matter the Platform

I recently read an infographic that compared Google+ to Facebook in the wake of the underdog’s one year anniversary. The news claimed that Google+ users are more tech savvy than Facebook users, preferring things like Mashable, Chrome and Android as their favorite brands while Facebook users prefer Coca-Cola and Starbucks. Coincidentally, Chrome and Android are both Google brands, which makes me wonder how credible it is to say that Google+ users are a truly more tech savvy bunch (though I somewhat believe it).

I looked at and compared some of these pages to see what all the fuss was about and decided that despite the platform, interaction with a dose of relevancy are what make a brand successful on social. So, despite Android’s role in Google, it’s still doing a great job.

The brand’s photo contest on Google+ is a great way to get its users involved in flaunting the panoramic photo feature on the Galaxy Nexus. They’re having users promote the camera for them while giving them a sense of affiliation with the brand. I have to admit, I’d be pretty stoked if Android posted my photo.

Similarly, Coca-Cola’s cover photo consists of photos given to them by their fans. Though they’re not promoting a product, they are promoting the brand’s mission of inspiring happiness and posting submissions in a place where everyone can see. Other apps on Coke’s Facebook page have users answer questions like “How do you peel onions without shedding tears?” They even have an FM station.

Despite the platform you use, its important to remember why customers would want to share your brand and how they could do so using social media as the tool.

And one last thing, don’t put all your eggs in Google+.

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