Creative Apps Aren’t Always 100% Relevant

Technology forces us to be creative. As it advances, we need to advance our own ideas and create something new and unique. This is a challenge that mobile devices present to companies. Everyone needs something whether it’s an app or  mobile site, but where do you start?

I looked at many apps today and concluded that subtle relevancy is great for a business that has little need for an app. I decided to use Cookie Dough Bites as an example. It’s almost silly to have an e-commerce app with the limited number of products they offer and not much more can be done unless they create a store locator (boring). Instead, the company created a game called Cookie Dough Bites Factory.

The object of the game is to make CDB products at each of the three factories in the city. Certain recipes are locked and you need to play the games to progress to other levels. During my time at CDB City, I made cookie dough bites and cupcake bites. The process was entertaining enough- I had to pour oil, sugar and flour into barrels without overfilling, coat the bites with chocolate or sprinkles, and then take the bad bites off the conveyer belt. I was often able to see exactly what the packaged product looked like too, in case I was ever browsing the supermarket for some delicious bites.

This app thinks outside of the realm of the product’s attributes and unique selling propositions. The factory is just one stop on the supply chain, which makes it subtly relevant. If you’re stuck for creativity, identify elements of your business that exist outside your product/service. Look over that list and see how you can stretch an idea from those things.

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