Bridging the Gap Between Brick & Mortar and the Web With Local SEO

Most SEO talk refers to traffic that brings a customer to a business’s website. For many small businesses however, a website may be the first step or even just a compliment to the services that are done in store. For these types of businesses, we turn to local search strategies. How are customers going to find our location, how do they know our hours or how far we’re willing to go for a delivery?

Luckily, local search is one of the easier SEO tactics to master due to the excessive amount of local listing sites on the web. Starting from Google Places down to the Yellow Pages, you can quickly post your business on most of these listings for free. If you do choose to pay a fee, your listing will be advertised when a related search is done in your area. For example, Google Places would display your listing either above or to the right of the search, like any typical pay-per-click campaign.

Next, make sure your address is on everything. Remember that your final goal is to drive traffic to your door. Be sure to put your address at the footer of your website and on any links coming into your site. If you write a press release or someone writes a feature on your business, be sure to include your address somewhere. Like typical organic search, the links pointing to your address will boost your business to the top of a related search in your area.

Optimizing local search is important for any brick and mortar business. Your customers aren’t cracking open that big yellow book anymore. They’re typing for results, and you need to be there.

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