Blippar Makes Augmented Reality Real

Today I discovered something that I’m very excited to share with you. The company’s name is Blippar and they’ve been around since 2010. A year later, the UK company launched this augmented reality application that has already been picked up by mega brands like Maybelline (more on that later). The video below shows exactly how it works.

This shows a lot of game interaction, but even more can be made possible. Maybelline is currently running a campaign from the app that allows users to apply virtual nail polish to test out different colors. Integrated with the brand’s print campaign for Maybelline’s New York Color Show, the Blippar application was the solution to a desire to have girls try on nail polish without physical application. Take that and add another reason why the app is so beneficial for companies- it cuts cost.

Although Blippar has been largely adopted by big brands, smaller companies should begin using augmented reality to stay ahead of competitors. Not just a marketing tool, this technology will even cut costs and create an easier e-commerce purchasing process. Brick and mortar stores can take full advantage of this too, allowing customers to ‘try on’ a lamp or picture with an image of their rooms. I think I’m getting ahead of myself- but not by too much.


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