Bing’s Redesign Pushes for Market Share Once Again

In another attempt to gain market share in the search engine space, Bing launched a redesign on its search page earlier this week. So far, the new design is only available to users in the US, as they are not finished making changes just yet.

A response to feedback from user experience experiments; Bing completely eliminated the left sidebar, which had included related searches, search history and options to narrow results by date. Instead, related searches now appear at the bottom of the page and under ads in the right side bar.

Another cool feature is the addition of the Facebook like icon, which appears next to a result that a friend had previously liked. Of course, Google already does this something similar with Google+, but I’d like to give them credit anyway.

Bottom line, Bing is trying once again to edge its way into the search market. The only question now is, will users appreciate the change? Check out the comparison for yourself:

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