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Finding Relevant Keywords For Your Website- DIY Style

Keywords rule the internet. You type them into search engines every time you look for something new and they’re practically the highlight of every SEO conversation. I talk about link building a lot and how you can use the keywords … Continue reading

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Comparing Mobile Sites

Every mobile site has its own specifications that fits to its needs. Every feature is different, and some more necessary than others. In this post, I’ve reviewed 5 e-commerce mobile sites that should help you to compare, contrast, and pick up … Continue reading

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Busy Day? Just Shop on the Subway

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about QR Codes and how they’re an overhyped marketing tool that consumers aren’t catching on to. A few months later, I learned about Tesco’s virtual grocery store and reconsidered a bit. Sometimes things … Continue reading

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Branding Your Pinterest Personality

In spending more time on Pinterest, I’ve realized that many of the people who flock to the site look for lifestyle-related content. It offers tips for new hairstyles, home decorating ideas, arts and crafts and fashion. The homepage is sprinkled … Continue reading

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