A Word on Messages

Today I learned that Emirates connects thinkers, dreamers and explorers. I was going to read the New York Times, but Emirates’ giant banner ad distracted me. It was asking personal questions. How could I not want to click on to “see the whole story?”




I’ll be honest, I forgot Emirates was an airline before I explored this ad, and I respect that the advertisement doesn’t give it all away. The problem is, Hello Tomorrow sounds like an energy efficiency or technology company motto. After all, connecting people today takes the power of the cloud, duh.

The landing page doesn’t do much more to clear up the confusion. Finding a link to the website is a mystery in itself. I marked up the page to make it easier on you.


Regardless of how much you like this campaign, you need to be intuitive enough to find the link to the website. The 10 second videos are extremely dramatic, as is the 2 minute video that includes quotes like “tomorrow belongs to those who inspire a new world” and “dare to think bigger and go further.” So this is a study abroad program? Finally, the email incentives include sharing a smile with friends by surprising them with a message and an invitation to discover and share media about places around the world. This has potential, but the information provided is so vague that you don’t quite know what you’ll get in return by submitting your email. Links to new pages would be appropriate here, though this page seems to lack any exits.

Simple as ever, a message needs to make sense and campaigns need to be easy to follow. That said, I will leave you Tom Hanks’ Chuck Noland in this seriously inspiring spot.

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