A Friendly Gesture for Better E-mail

We all hear bad things about email. The reality is, it’s a lot harder to get it wrong than right. Fortunately, if you’re not spamming your subscribers, there’s still a chance to win them back. Sure you can conduct some tests to determine what subject lines or send times are most effective. Of course this will help, but if you’re at a loss, I recommend asking your subscribers the same questions your asking yourself.

This is what makes email preference centers so wonderful. Not only do they establish a sense of trust, they also allow you to gage that person’s general interests so you can send them better-targeted emails. They even offer insight into the subscriber’s desired level of engagement with your brand.

Amazon.com is doing a great job at covering both of these grounds so I’ll use them as an example.

Their email preference options are also a great perk. An option to send mobile friendly messages is very progressive.

Preferential information can also be obtained during the registration process, but the key here is to assure that selections can be undone at the subscriber’s discretion. Don’t fret about lost subscribers, they may not want to receive emails, but they will surely remember you politely gave them an option. Even the simplest gesture can lead to a purchase.

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