5 Tips For Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails

Over half of all e-commerce shopping carts are abandoned before completing a purchase. It’s as if something snaps in a customer at the last minute. It could be that they decided the shipping costs were too high, they found a better price somewhere else, or they just wanted to wait. It can be due to a slow website, confusing checkout process, or forms that require too much information.

Shopping cart abandonment emails are a great way to bring customers back to the site to complete their purchase. Companies who follow this simple practice typically boast higher conversion rates. To help you better understand what to include in your first email, I’ve compiled this list of 5 tips.

  1. Show concern- Showing concern in your email loses the assumption that the abandonment was based on price. Instead, attribute your concern to a technical or functional issue. A Sears email I looked at asked “Did you experience trouble at checkout?” with a link to the cart underneath.
  2. Incentivize- Incentives usually come in the form of offers and discounts. If you’re going to do this, try and segment groups of customers. For example, a grocer may have an easier time convincing a loyal customer to receive two sample products with his purchase than a new customer because he or she may be more concerned with price than extra frills.
  3. Display the abandoned items- The mind is wild. Giving customers a second look to an abandoned product may bring on feelings they’d never felt before. Suddenly they remember why they wanted to purchase it in the first place. This simple tip is possibly the most effective in increasing conversion.
  4. Tailor the content- Email content should be tailored to the type of customer the recipient is and the stage at which he or she abandoned the cart. If a new customer left while filling out information, she may have been overwhelmed. The content in this email should be different than someone who left when he reached the page with shipping.
  5. Time tactfully- The first email should be sent no more than 24 hours after the cart is abandoned. You can send more over the next few days, though I wouldn’t recommend going over 3. If you plan to send more than one, remember to tailor the content each time.
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