3D Maps Will No Longer Be a Wave of the Future for Apple Users

There was a time when I was virtually obsessed with the Sims. You could control someone’s life by looking down on their world like you were some kind of God. I was reminded of that feeling today when I looked at C3 Technologie’s 3D maps. This is really the only way I can explain such a thing without having shown it to you, so before I continue, here are two videos:

Pretty cool, right? The maps use declassified missile targeting by a Swedish missile company, Sabb. With that, they take into account the positions and angels of the cameras used in order to accurately display each geographical image.

Clearly, this will be a great threat to map makers like Google and Bing, which is probably why Apple acquired C3 Technologies along with other 3D mapping companies like Placebase and Ploy9.┬áThe decision to develop a mapping system of their own comes toward the end of Apple’s map deal with Google. Apple is expected to launch iOS6 sometime in the very near future along with these stunning maps.

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