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Affiliate Marketing: A Win-Win Situation?

Of all the marketing tools I mention, I rarely take the time to discuss affiliate marketing. It’s often known to be a win-win situation, which is probably true so long as both parties are performing up to expectations. If you’re … Continue reading

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Kiip and the Future of Mobile Advertising

I find that advertisers seem to speak somewhat highly of mobile advertising. It’s true that there are some great mobile ads out there, but for every great ad are 10 that are intrusive and unwanted. I’m not convinced that we’re … Continue reading

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Finding Relevant Keywords For Your Website- DIY Style

Keywords rule the internet. You type them into search engines every time you look for something new and they’re practically the highlight of every SEO conversation. I talk about link building a lot and how you can use the keywords … Continue reading

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Comparing Mobile Sites

Every mobile site has its own specifications that fits to its needs. Every feature is different, and some more necessary than others. In this post, I’ve reviewed 5 e-commerce mobile sites that should help you to compare, contrast, and pick up … Continue reading

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