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5 Tips For Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails

Over half of all e-commerce shopping carts are abandoned before completing a purchase. It’s as if something snaps in a customer at the last minute. It could be that they decided the shipping costs were too high, they found a … Continue reading

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Waterproof Phones Making Waves in the Market

It’s so hard to push people in the pool these days. With everyone’s phone in his or her pocket, this once fun activity has become a $300 ordeal. Clearly there is a need for water repellent mobile phones. Pools may … Continue reading

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Get Ready for Social Drawing

When I deleted my Draw Something app, I felt bad for the unfinished games I was leaving behind. What I didn’t realize, was that I was one of 5 million users who were doing the same thing. This had nothing … Continue reading

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Feed Video to the Big Bad Penguin

Times are hard. It’s possible Google Penguin knocked your site back to page who-knows-what, or maybe you’re just stuck for ideas that will be interesting enough to garner attention. Instead of relying on your tried and true social media sites … Continue reading

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