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What it Takes to Go Viral

There’s tons of talk about going viral these days, with traditional market tactics taking the backseat. Consumers are exposed to thousands of ads per day. They’re urged to make a purchase or remember a brand’s name, but viral marketing naturally … Continue reading

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Paul McCartney and Lessons in Twitter

My Twitter and Facebook feeds were in a Grammy frenzy last night as practically everyone switched from TV to post, post to TV, and back again. Nearly every trending Twitter topic had something to do with an artist, award, performance … Continue reading

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Why We’re Over Michael Phelps’ Rebel Days

I decided to do a little detective work for this post, which is really the only option when analyzing how a celebrity masks bad publicity on a search engine. I’m talking reputation management; a sneaky, yet overly effective method of … Continue reading

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The Digital Elections- Internet Ads Over Postage

Let’s pretend you’re running for president (don’t let it go to your head). Your goal, ideally, is to capture every last American over the age of 18. You can do the television ad, have supporters put up lawn signs or … Continue reading

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